HDI Microvia

High Density Interconnection (HDI) PCBs include finer structures and smaller vias. The continuing miniaturisation and ever more complex circuits would not be possible without the application of laser-drilled microvias. The microvia technology is necessary for printed circuit boards with a higher packing density. In the case of BGA components with a high number of connections, the vias are located directly within the pads.

Standard Microvia

Interconnects two layers

Staggered Vias

Thanks to staggeredly arranged vias, multiple layers can be interconnected.

Skip Vias

Connection from layer x to layer x+2 or +3. Here, the inner layers can also be connected, resulting in a higher adhesive strength of the microvias. 

Copper-filled microvias

Interconnects two layers. Additional advantages compared to standard microvias:

  • Higher process reliability at surface finishes
  • No soldering problems
  • Better electrical and thermal characteristics

Copper-filled stacked microvias

Advantages compared to staggered vias:

  • Requires less space
  • No problems at the displacement of microvias
  • Good adhesion