Schoeller-Electronics manufactures standard multilayer and high-technology multilayer PCBs. Standard multilayer PCBs are produced homogeneously of one type of material. Materials range from standard FR-4 to halogen-free High Tg material. 

Step by step, the implementation of manufacturing processes such as HDI, SBU technology, buried and blind vias, resin-filled or copper-filled vias, mixed superstructures (hybrid technology) and special characteristics such as defined wave impedances, capacities or inductances as well as shieldings results in a high-technology multilayer.

Standard Multilayer

  • < 8 layers
  • Suitable for lead-free soldering
  • HDI technology

Hightech Multilayer

  • > 8 layers
  • High-layered
  • HDI technology
  • High temperature-resistant materials
  • Sturdiness, resulting in a high cycle reliability
  • Half-shell technology
  • Buried vias

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