Relay Marathon Frankfurt 2017

As already announced 2 relays of Schoeller Electronics Systems took part in the relay marathon in Frankfurt this year.

 Both relays of Schoeller Electronics Systems took respectable places in the middle field in the overall standings. Relay 2, a team consisting only of women placed 184 in the women’s trial.

 It was already the 6th start in a row for Hanni Achenbach, the organizer of the SES relays in Frankfurt.

 From left to right: Ines Curtis, Julia Kisselev, Anke Tribensky, Hanni Achenbach, Gitta Gleis, Stefanie Fischbach, Manuela Achenbach-Schmidt, Wolfgang Ehrling




From left to right: Wolfgang Ehrling, Manuela Achenbach-Schmidt, the prominent runner Joey Kelly, Stefanie Fischbach