Rigid-flex PCBs

Conventional connection systems usually require a lot of space of the limited installation volume which is available and are therefore not always the best solution.

These cases require printed circuit boards which allow a three-dimensional installation and this way fully utilize the available space and which offer more freedom of design with rigid-flex PCBs.

Symmetrical layer construction

  • Higher planarity thanks to the symmetrical layer construction and the rigid material on both external layers
  • Higher flexibility as the flexible layers are not covered with an additional galvanic copper layer
  • Higher reliability at the solder bath test (stress) and the temperature change test (shock)
  • For technical reasons, high-layered rigid-flex PCBs with numerous flexible layers should always be constructed symmetrically

Asymmetrical construction

  • Low production costs
  • Cost efficient construction
  • Easy to use in the further processing chain
  • Snap-out technology is possible

Flexible area fanned out

  • Can be manufactured fanned out or laminated together

High-speed signal transmission

  • Flexible and rigid-flex PCBs for high-speed transmission
  • Alternative to cable harnesses
  • Saving of weight ≥ 70%

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